Geo-location and warm welcome to our students !

One thing we can say without hesitation about our group: we are truly international team!

Ying Zhang is our eyes and ears in Shantou, China. She takes care of the finishing touches in the Lab, updating us about how things progressing in the city. For the time being, she has replaced us with …..a chatty parrot! 🙂

Muralidhar in India, occupied with writing research proposals, looking for the best XRF for our lab and coaching our students online.

And I am in Poland, busy with teaching, writing and reviewing papers, and managing online smaller and bigger details related to the future of our lab.

It seems that we are having a bit long running start, but step by step we are approaching a critical mass. Thus, let me introduce you new members of our team: students from Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) program of Guangdong Technion, who have chosen our Lab to carry on Advanced Project (AP) in MSE program. You can visit students profiles in a “Team” section.

Welcome on board! We hope to meet you in the Baron Lab soon!

Welcome to ‘Baron-Lab’

Welcome post from ‘Baron-Lab’

Here we will posts the latest updates on various events and developments at ‘Baron-Lab’.

The purpose

  • Make the colleagues and collaborators aware about the happenings in the lab
  • By presenting the scope of lab-capabilities, search for potential collaborators